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RotoOut VFX outsourcing services including Rotoscoping / roto, VFX Paint, Keying, Compositing, Green Screen Removal, Marker and Rig Removal, Scratch and Dust Removal, Matchmoving etc.

What We Do

Vfx Rotoscoping

We offer High Quality VFX Rotoscoping Outsourcing services for Feature films, TV Series, Commercials and More . We have worked on Various Feature films and TV Series & Commercial Ads . Our expert team of Rotoscoping Artist and technology experts deliver best quality rotoscoping services so you don’t need to worry about details. Outsource rotoscoping work with us, everything customized according to your needs.Work with us and we will prove that we are the one of the best rotoscoping companies in india .

Keying (Chroma Extraction)

We remove green screen (Chroma Extraction) from your footage and make it perfect for background replacement or we can composite on other footage (background) and enhance your projects . Sometimes keying take lots of time and various techniques, even roto for Chroma Extraction depending on your shots . Outsource your keying project to us and save lots of time .

VFX Paint / Rig Removal / Cleanup

We Offer VFX Paint and Cleanup services, Our VFX Paint artist can remove any thing for you, if you need wire removal & rig removals, Cleanup, reflection tweaks, equipment, crew removal, clean plate creation or remove unwanted materials ..etc. we’ll remove it for you.


We Offer full composting services  2d / 3d any type of compositing. Our Compositor do any task like FX compositing, set extensions, color corrections, green screen blending with live plate or CG, roto, cleanup, matchmove (tracking) and add different elements / effects in your footage to make beautiful comp . 

Matchmove / Tracking

We Offer Tracking and Matchmoving services – 2D planer tracks, corner pin data, 3d point cloud data, camera tracking (camera motion path), object tracking, and matchmove for seamlessly integrating CGI elements, Set extension or Object replacement.

VFX Problem Solving

We offer a VFX problem solving services , We have most talented VFX generalists team with VFX problem Solving Skills, our team really enjoy new challenges. Contact us for more details ..

RotoOut is Leading VFX Outsourcing provider , we Provide rotoscoping services in india, Cleanup VFX Paint, Wire Removal, Rig Removal, Compositing, Matchmoving & Tracking .

Reach out to us, so we can bring your project to life

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