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Roto Out provide high quality visual effect outsourcing services – rotoscoping, paint, keying, rig removal, clean up, compositing, match move tracking & more . We look forward to working with you ! Outsource your VFX work to us .

Reach out to us !!!  Try us, drop us an email or give us a call .

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Why Roto Out ?


We don’t believe in compromises, and neither should you. Our artist are countinusly invest heavily in their vfx skills development for excellence in all that we do, We are passionate and committed in heart and mind to what we do. Our self-motivated, highly capable, results-oriented Artist work around the clock, so you don’t need to worry about details.

Flexible and Customized

We believe that flexibility leads to excellence, We collaborate closely with clients to flexible vfx solutions to specific needs of each client and maximize results.

Work with us and we will prove that we are the one of the best rotoscoping companies in india

Our Services

  • rotoscoping

We offer High Quality VFX Rotoscoping Outsourcing services for Feature films, TV Series, Commercials and More . We can provide motion Blur Mattes / hard mattes or roto splines. Everything customized according to your needs. Outsource roto with us .

  • Paint - Prep & Cleanup

We Offer VFX Paint and Cleanup services, Our VFX Paint artist can remove any thing for you, if you need wire removal & rig removals, Object Removals, Dust and Scratch Removal, Cleanup, reflection tweaks, equipment, crew removal, clean plate creation or remove unwanted materials .

  • Keying

We remove green screen (Chroma Extraction) from your footage and make it perfect for background replacement or we can composite on other footage (background) and enhance your projects . Try our Green Screen Extraction services.

  • Compositing

We Offer full composting services  2d / 3d any type of compositing. Our Compositor do any task like FX compositing, set extensions, color corrections, green screen blending with live plate or CG and much more …

  • Matchmove / Tracking

We track motion – 2D planer tracks, corner pin data, 3d point cloud data, camera tracking (camera motion path), object tracking, and matchmove for seamlessly integrating CGI, Set extension or Object replacement.

Work Flow

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Send your queries with reference footage and details.

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We review your footage and give you time and cost.

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You approved our proposal and we start working on your vfx project .

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When every thing approved, We send you final shots and Invoice.

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